Jeg inviterede min gode kollega og verdenskendte Tony Knight, The Dog Listener, til at holde kursus i Aarhus i august 2022.

Det var en så stor en succes, at jeg allerede har overtalt ham til at komme igen til næste år, det bliver sikkert primo/medio august 2023, men nærmere datoer følger…

JEG ER INTERESSERET, giv mig gerne besked, når dato for 2023 er planlagt!

Kursus med Tony Knight The Dog Listener

August 2023

This special weekend program will help attendees really get the relationship they want with their dogs.
The aim of these classes is to help dog owners understand and solve their dog’s behavioural issues. The method we use is a holistic one in that it recognises the dog’s instinct and teaches owners how to work with their dog’s nature to help overcome ‘bad’ behaviours. We cover a broad range of behavioural issues including dogs that pull on lead, aggression, separation anxiety, nuisance barking and much more. The method we use doesn’t involve force, intimidation or physical dominance.

I like to keep the classes small enough to allow for optimal learning and to keep stress levels low for the dogs. If you feel that your dog may not cope too well being around other dogs, then it is not necessary to bring your dog to the classes at all. The information provided is aimed at educating the owner and you will easily be able to apply the exercises in the comfort and safety of your own home. We leave that up to owners to decide.

What the Program Covers:
Day 1: (No Dogs at this session, Please!)
 Status & Separation: Correct interactions to calm a dog.
 Rules of Engagement: How to avoid over 95% of dog bites.
 Separation Anxiety: Solving destruction/howling/messing etc.
Day 2: (with dogs)
 The Walk: How to prevent pulling on the lead.
 Recall: How to get your dog to come to you when you ask.
 Playtime: Knowing the rules of the game.
Day 3: (with dogs)
 Socialisation: dog aggression, proper play, taking control.
 Danger: How to prevent constant barking.
 Feeding: The “turbo boost” to all training.
 Obedience*: The right way to teach your dog to sit/stay etc.

*This section is subject to time restrictions

Tilmelding og betaling foregår igennem V.I.Pets

JA JEG ER INTERESSERET, giv mig gerne besked, når dato for 2023 er planlagt!